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Steve Killingback

Steve Killingback

Real Estate Professional

From one side of the Atlantic to the other, Steve Killingback has always regarded customer care through an introspective lens. With the phrase “white glove service” often tossed around by professionals and organizations, Steve takes it to heart and strives to live up to it daily. With his drive and entrepreneurial upbringing and by molding his service to the level he expects for himself, Steve delivers client satisfaction and has achieved industry recognition. His career was still in relative infancy when he received D Magazine’s “D Best” Award for three consecutive years and Oak Cliff Advocate magazine’s Best Real Estate Award in 2019 and 2020.

Steve began in real estate in 2016 after moving to Dallas from his native London, where he held several senior leadership roles in the investment banking and financial services industry. His background has proven invaluable in his real estate career because he manages it like a business, not like an assembly line of transactions. Along with Steve’s business sense is his ability to see the buying and selling process from his clients’ perspectives. He owes this to his experiences in purchasing several homes that began at age 23 and his cultural insights, empathy, and open-mindedness from traveling and living around the world. Steve is also interested in architecture and design, stemming from the joy of when he turned his first house into a home, and he loves sharing this passion with clients and inspiring them in the process.

In the years since Steve moved to Texas, he’s grown committed to building the best life and business possible in his adopted home. His interests beyond real estate include traveling, cooking, discovering new music while cranking up his old favorites, and getting engrossed in a film or dark European drama series. Steve also enjoys puttering around the large, landscaped garden of the property he bought in 2021, and he’s researching bee-keeping to one day add to his extensive list of hobbies.


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Steve Killingback uses his eye for detail and design, combined with knowledge and instincts, gained from extensive global travel, to transform a house into a home. Contact him today!

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